We offer confidential counselling free of charge to support couples before, during and after treatment. All couples and individuals undergoing treatment using donor eggs, sperm or embryos and women donating egg routinely see our counsellor to explore the legal and ethical issues surrounding the treatment.
The psychological and sociological implication of infertility on the infertile couples are will recognized. From the minute couples realize that they have difficulty in having a child, every step they make in the pathway to achieve this dual can add to their emotional turmoil and financial and physical straim. Infectivity, its investigation and treatment can cause significant stress. Added to this, the serial and family pressure is there. Couples are continually reminded of their inability and sense of failure every month when the woman menstruates. Even simple tasks such as daily measurements of woman’s temperature to detect ovulation can be painful.
It taken a lot of coverage for the couples to see the fervidly spreads with request of infertility investigations. The doctor enquires about the intimate aspects of your relationship and the may be stressful. Care and skill needs to be taken and explanation of the purpose of the tests are essential.
We will order initial investigations to find out the possible causes of infertility while awaiting the results of these tests, you may feel very tense, the fear of unknown. The results of the tests may reveal a significant fertility problem such as couplets absence of sperm in the ejaculate, which may leave you in a state of shock, and unable to understand the facts presented to you. However this may not always be the case, sometimes all the task results would be normal and leave you will no clear reasons for your infertility. A bilious circle can these be formed. Temporary infertility may lead to tension which in turn lead to sexual dysfunction (eg. importance or veginismus) and reproductive in all function (e.g. failure of ovulation) and shows perpefiate infertility. A part from having to can to terms with their infertility problem, the usual reaction is why me and why us.

The counseling needs of infertile couple: It is important for patients to remember that they did not choose to become infertile but can decide what to do about. The family doctor, specialist and support group may be available to help couples. Support groups consist of couples who are going through or have experienced infertility and its treatments, their support and guidance can after prove invaluable. Infertile couples must also recognize that infertility treatment does not produce immediate results and with patience, a positive attitude and appropriate treatment, most infertile couples can eventually become parents.
The basic aim of counseling is to ensure that the patients understands the implications of their treatment choice, the patient receive adequate information and emotional support, and that they can cope in a healthy way with the consequence of treatment.

Possible reactions of infertile couples: There are several possible reaction that infertile couples may experience while undergoing investigation. It is important to realize that couples are different and will react in different ways.

Affects relationship with other family member: Infertility can affect a couple’s relationship with other family members who have become pregnant when they themselves have failed. A reminder of their our problem.

Anger: A frequent target in the doctor or specialist, sometimes patients can become critical to their doctors competence. Reassurance usually fuels their anger. It is important to note that these reactions are normal, acceptable and should be received with company.

Guilt: An infertile partner may feel guilty of letting the other partner down. Some couples express faling of guilt to wanting a child after having their first one as a result of IVF, because they do not want to deprive the existing child from brother or a sister, they repeatedly try attempts at IVF without success.
Couples who have had a termination of their first pregnancy and can not conceive a second time may have particular difficulty coping with their feeling of guilt. They may feel that they are being punished for rejecting their first baby.

Depression: As the sense of failure intermsfies, the infertile couple will become more isolated from social activities and friends. Women are particularly vulnerable, the danger is that they become more isolated, losing contacts will reality and suffers from low level of chrome depression will acute episodes. These are often triggered by events, which will reminder of their problem such as birth of someone else’s baby, the over cement of a pregnancy, children’s birth day partier etc. Those who have part history of emotional difficulty are the most vulnerable.

Sexual Problems: This is a very important problem and too often over looked. It is very difficult for the couples to admit that their sexual life is suffering, if not caused altogether exclude in mid-cycle. The command to have sexual intercourse on demand may offered both partners. Sexual activities may become baby smoking rather than a natural expression of love. This stern may lead to importance and veginimus.