Patient Stories

Hope after despair: My deepest thanks and appreciation to Dr. Amita Rajvedi and entire team. After getting discouraged by visiting other clinics. I started my treatment at Ayushi Hospital. Here, the complete treatment was personalized to my individual requirements. The personally attended me and gave the shots with her nurses, twice a day. I was regularly scanned to make sure that I was not hyper-stimulated. This allowed every concern that I had, and her calm approach took my worries away I am highly thankful to her for her care concern love and support.

Hope: Dr. Amita Rajvedi was the only source of hope and she is an asset to the organization.

The ultimate: It is the ultimate hospital for any kind of treatment. Wonderful & Co-operative Doctor (Dr. Amita). She has made a “DREAM COME ‘TRUE ‘for me “
“Thanks and you Rock”!
Best. Not only Dr. Amita but even her support staff. No words to thanks them. Appreciable, helpful yet down to earth. Highly professional!! Thanks Ayushi team.

Full confidence: Dr. Amita Rajvedi is very patient, co-operative and understanding. She is highly dedicated and very soft spoken. The centre is well maintained, neat and clean each and every corner .co-operative. We can refer this centre to anybody in need with full confidence.

Personlized care: Our goal is personalized, top quality care; we understand that no single treatment path is right for everyone. Our first step is to listen closely asses your needs carefully. The panel of physicians discusses every case individually to provide the personal, specialized care you deserve.
We have a team of internationally trained doctor, highly professional staff and work culture.

The right advice: “I was advised for IVF at another IVF clinic. I was trying to have baby for 5 year. Dr. Amita went through my notes and said that I do not need an IVF currently . We tried a cycle of Intra-uterine Insemination and I got pregnant in the first attempt! I would recommend Dr. Amita to anyone who has been trying to have a baby for a long time and needs the right advice.”

Positive results: I am happy to say that the procedure has resulted in a pregnancy, which is 5 months now. I would highly recommend infertility patients from every corner of the world to attend Dr. Amita’s Hospital.

First time lucky: “It was mu luck and Dr. Amita’s expertise that I got pregnant in the first cycle of ICSI. Dr. Amita encouragement, calm personality and easy access made the IVF cycle feel very easy and smooth for us. We wish her and team, the very best.”

Best: Not only Dr. Amita but even her entire staff – No words to define them, appreciable, helpful understanding, co-operative, yet down to earth, highly professional!

Thank you: We wish to make a special appreciation for your total commitment n caring for us. When we were desperate for a baby Dr. Amita , your support, encouragement, love and approach towards treating a patient is life changing and very empowering.
Thank you once again
We would also like to make a special note on our first meeting on 2nd Dec 2008. On your support, (it being a holiday but you did not mind in giving an appointment), to come forward for the treatment. Our gratitude cannot be expressed in words.

The right choice(Told by Dr Amita): Ideally, a couple should visit a specialist, if they had sex about 3-4 times a week for more than one year and have failed to conceive. However women aged 35 yrs and above, who have been detected with gynecological issues such as polycystic ovaries, fibroids, endometriosis or pelvic tuberculosis, should visit a doctor immediately after test have shown positive result.
The treatment for infertility can be mentally, financially and physically draining. It is a difficult decision to choose the right doctor and clinic, to strike with her and build a level of trust, before you decide to consult a doctor for treatment.
Make sure you check her qualifications and experience and expertise in concerned field.
The expert along with her team should be able to give you definitive line of treatment and explain everything in detail and the clinic you choose should offer wide range of services with state of art facilities.
It usually takes 1-2 months for a treatment to show result, but in some cases it may take up to a year. In that case do not get impatient and start switching doctors, follow the line of treatment for some more time for positive result.
Note: Name credits are not being given to protect the privacy of our patients.