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Counselling gives you the opportunity to work through your feelings at specific stages in your treatment. You can also ask for written information and, if you need additional support.

We love success stories! There is no greater reward than a patient sharing the success stories. Here is a collection of some of the happy patients and their stories of success with IVF treatment.

Ayushi- A place of Hope “Sees the Invisible, Feels the intangible, Achieves the impossible”. An Infertility Solution With a Difference At Ayushi we have been creating miracles every day for over years, Irrespective of situation, our nationally recognized infertility specialist can work very closely on your personal fertile plan, including the best option available for you. We Ayushi is a leading destination for fertility journey. We offer HOPE to humans around the world. We Ayushi is always there to take care of yours every minor problem, because we care for your Dreams. Ayushi hospital is very much renowned for being one of the most respect and successful infertility centre worldwide our fertility centre is fully equipped with advanced equipments and techniques with hands of Dr. Amita Rajvedi the expertise specialist infertility treatment.
Infertility is the biggest crises a married couple can face ever. We help you to solve it.
An Infertility Solution – With a Difference
IVF- “A Boon for Childless”

We at Ayushi Hospital believe : A“It is our faith that activates the power of God , putting couples onto a wonderful bond called family”.

Motherhood: The feeling of being complete.
Motherhood is a divine emotion, an incomparable feeling. A mother shares the most beautiful and strongest bond with her child. It makes her happiest person on earth, however, this happiness comes with a responsibility.
Being a mother is a beautiful emotion in the world. It is something that has to be felt. No matter how hard you try. “A baby is a little bit of heaven on earth”.

The Longing: “Infertility is like being bereaved of a child you never had”.

Longing to HUG you Own Child: Hugging the new born is heavenly for parents and their hearts slowly whispers, we were incomplete without you… Yet for some couples having baby of their own remains elusive dreams. What about you? Still dreaming of little ones of your own? A healthy baby that will fill your life with joy, a cute bundle of bliss, whose smile will turn even an ordinary day into special one, whose sweet smile will bring forth glow in your heart and a lullaby on your lips.